Welcome to our Apothecary

Come explore our shelves,  you may discover a treasure chest, not filled with earthly treasures such as gold and diamonds, but eternal treasures for the heart and soul….Apothecary

What if earthly happiness and even Eternal happiness isn’t something you have to work and struggle for?   What if the education and tools that you have been given are not at all what you need to nourish your heart and evolve your eternal spirit self.   What if you could be given a new understanding of how and why the universe and our reality is changing…and what it means for you.

You’ve felt it…time speeding faster and faster, a sense of urgency for better health and higher consciousness, a longing for a different way of life, a gut feeling that there is so much more.

Here at Sacred Soulstice we would like to introduce you to information that will make you sit up in amazement and take notice of a whole new world.  Information that explains why our old way of thinking and doing things doesn’t work any more.

At your fingertips are methods, sciences and ancient knowledge, knowledge that can connect you to the powers of the creator of the universe.   It’s ancient, eternal.  It’s been there all along but for most of us, is just now being revealed.  It’s all available to you.   It’s there for the taking.

We would like to share with you what we have found on our journey and introduce you to like-minded people and an abundance of tools, powerful information and suggested sources for you to discover for yourself…

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