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Here is a mix of our favorite video finds. You will be introduced to believers in both the power of this universe and our role in it; people who have dedicated much of their lives to this research, discovering extraordinary scientific knowledge.  Some of these  well respected, seasoned scientists you may have heard of, others may not be so mainstream.    Some are presenting the information that will be in tomorrow’s textbooks,  Others are presenting us with information of what might have been taking place behind the scenes of our own history as we know it.  The evolution that our world is experiencing now is like non other in the history of the world.   These videos just may help us understand it.   We hope you find them as inspirational and life changing as we have. Yes, some are long: they hold volumes of amazing information, astounding concepts and unbelievable possibilities for you to consider.   We think they will captivate you, like not being able to put down a good book.  If time is short you may want to pause the video write down the number and come back later when you have more time. 

They ARE worth the time.

Open your mind, see what resonates with you, ask yourself: What if… 

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What in the World Is Going On?  How much does stress have to do with our health?   The statistics will surprise you.  Are you part of the Millennial Generation?  Is society & our world falling apart or is this meant to happen?  Why is our old way of doing things no longer working?   Is time going faster?    Could our DNA have anything to do with all of these drastic changes?   Two dynamic top scientists talk about why the world is changing & why it’s a good thing.  

 “Who is Gregg Braden & Dr. Bruce Lipton?” 


What is in our DNA and can we change it? – Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD  If it isn’t our DNA that is controlling our health…what is?   Do we have more control over our health than we know?   Can the people we choose to hang out with, or the NEWS that we pay attention to make that much difference in our health?    Dr. Lipton explains and shows HOW our DNA works and then talks about what our thoughts, how we perceive the world, stress levels, love and fear all have to do with our health and our DNA?  Can our DNA be changed?   Could LOVE actually be more important than Nutrition?  Find out how much our textbooks will be changing to reflect this new astounding information!!

“Who is Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD?”


The Psychology of Change – Rob M. Williams M.A.  This video might be better understood if you watch the previous video by Dr. Bruce Lipton.  It explains HOW our thoughts affect our health and or DNA.  And why it is important to change our way of thinking to eliminates the body’s stress.  This video by Rob Williams was presented immediately following and explains why we have such a hard time making the changes we want in our lives. Why is it so hard to keep our New Years Resolutions. Why is it that even going to really good therapists and psychiatrists just don’t seem to bring permanent changes? Why is it so hard to make changes even when we are committed to them and REALLY want them to happen.  Find out why it just doesn’t work to try to make changes to our Subconscious mind (where most of our problems reside) using our conscious mind (logic). Learn about a really easy way to make permanent changes once and for all.

Who is Rob M. Williams M.A.?


Science of the Mind Kept Hidden?   Is the science of the powers of our minds the longest best kept secret of all time?  While we were being told that simple ESP was a scam, did both the U.S & Russian governments know it worked so well that they were using “Remote Viewing” or “Out of Body Viewing”?  Did our Government in the 70s use a “remote viewer” named Pat Price to locate a downed Russian bomber?  In 1927 there was a world conference about mind over matter & quantum physics with the top scientific minds in the world (I am sure you will recognize most of their names) Why wasn’t the public told what was being learned?  When was the first time you heard the words “Quantum physics or Quantum mechanics”?   Maybe the TV show called “Quantum Leap”?…portrayed as pure science fiction.  Einstein & many top scientists did not like the idea that science was not always absolute & constant, or that peoples thoughts could affect the results of experiments.   Most of them finally admitted that it was true.   Many still have a hard time believing it even though numerous scientific tests have proven it to be true.  Our emotions actually change the electronic energy given off by the heart.  When we are focused on fear or any problems (stress) our organs contract.  How does that affect our health? Can we actually change our own DNA?  Have scientists really stored movies inside crystals?    Could mind science actually be tied into how Jesus could do what he did while on earth and can it actually be tied to some of the stories in the Bible?    Many ancient religions mention the sacred sound of the universe.    Has NASA actually recorded the sounds that are generated by the Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Earth?

About the “Quantum Communication” Video and the people in it.


Ancient Secret Knowledge….for us to use NOW!   It’s called the divine matrix. It’s always been there, all around us…It is the basis of how everything was and is created.  For years science has been teaching us 2 false assumptions.  One is that space is “empty”.   Scientists,  now have done experiments that have PROVEN over and over again that “empty” space isn’t empty at all!!   What if… what IS in that space could heal our bodies.  What if..what happens in us, effects what is in that space and then effects the  whole world?   The second falsehood is that the experiences within our hearts, thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs have no effect on our bodies, let alone the world beyond our bodies.   What if we could learn the language of our emotions to heal our bodies or change the world.   We do not have to be victims in what is happening in the world today.  In this video Gregg Braden shares that information with us.  This is new science, we just might end up throwing those old Science textbooks out the window. 

About Gregg Braden


“Sacred Geometry, Pineal Glands, Science Fiction…Fact or Fiction?”    What IS Sacred Geometry?   Was everything in creation based on Geometry?  Sacred Geometry, frequencies, our bodies’ DNA,… are there facts about these things someone should be telling us?  What do pine cones, our Pineal gland and the Universe have to do with each other.  Are they important to us?    Is it possible that even our own Catholic Church seems to revere the Pineal gland (represented by the pine cone)?  If not, why would there be a whole courtyard named “Court of the Pine Cone” at the Vatican with statues of pine cones that dwarf the size of man.  What could be so important about the pine cone?  Why do these things seem to be a constant in every ancient culture in the world?     Did ancient civilizations know something we don’t?  If it is important & revered enough to pass on through the ages in every civilizations history, including our own Vatican, why aren’t we being told why?  Why does the Government seem to totally ignore all UFO sightings?  Why does the Government ignore even very large,  geometrically complex perfectly formed crop circles that pop up in a matter of a couple hours?     Do they really believe these elaborate patterns have no meaning and are done by a few people with ropes and boards?     Or have they known for many years what it is all about?  What if…a lot of our Science  Fiction movies are not so much fiction?    Could it be possible that some of what we see in Sci-Fi movies like Philadelphia Experiment, Contact, Stargate, and Matrix to name a few, is not so much Fiction?     What if the truth IS even stranger than fiction?  Some of this sounds pretty crazy.    Many people that have actually been involved in some way, such as ex-military pilots and astronauts after many years of silence, feel they can not keep quiet any longer and tell their story, some on their deathbed.  What would they gain from that?  Can they all be fanatics?  In this video there might be something that could change how you look at everything in life…sit back, watch and ask yourself… “What If…

About David Wilcock


Consciousness Calendar: Human Evolution  –This video is titled “consciousness calendar” and is based on the Mayan Calendar. I believe it would be better labeled “Evolution Calendar”. Typically many people upon hearing “Mayan Calendar” immediately start thinking of all of the hype that went with December 2012. Because the Mayan Calendar ended with the year 2012, the doomsday preppers started crying that there would be catastrophic events and possibly the end of the world. Just a note: that I know of, never once did a Mayan, or a true scholar of Mayan Studies ever say that the Calendar meant the end of the world. In fact many of the sources said it was believed that it really meant the beginning of a new way of life. Maybe even a change in how we measure time and the concept of time. In this video Ian Xel Lungold presents the evolution (acceleration) of the human consciousness, but he goes a little further about our reaction to it. He explains how our evolution got us where we are today and where we go from here. Why does it seem like time is speeding up? What does intuition have to do with time? Using his conversion chart Ian takes the information from what we call the Mayan Calendar and converts it into time frames we can understand. His chart gives us insight to these questions and helps us to make sense of how human evolution has progressed and what we can expect in the future. In my opinion, this is one of the best presentations on the Mayan pyramid of evolution for those already informed about it. It really grasps the big picture of what we are experiencing from a fundamental point of view. I think you will enjoy the part on the mind and intuition. “What you pay attention to, you become conscious of.”

About Ian Lungold


“I Am” – Are these words part of a mysterious statement given to Moses? Or could it be a simple slip in translation of the historic records that we now call “The Holy Bible”. How could they be the most powerful words known to man? This one will be very interesting to Christians.


“I AM” (Part 2) – How to USE these words – Wayne Dyer   Wayne Dyer tells us how we can use these words in our own personal lives. About 7 minutes of this Audio is Dr. Dyer speaking and the rest are beautiful sacred frequencies combined with music to be used for your meditation to fulfill your wishes in life.

About Wayne Dyer