About Us

Who are we?   Well, really, We is Me. 

I will call myself “Star”. Star because in keeping with the theme of my website, I would love to be even a small burst of light in the darkness.  I have been through amazing times and tough times and now like so many others, am trying to make sense of the craziness happening in our world right now.   

I started this journey of trying to find my new direction about 19 years ago.  Without going into the very long story, let’s just say that my happy, content life got ripped out from under me, financially and emotionally.  I found myself in what felt like a totally new world with no idea of how to continue my life. I knew life felt really hard and it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere.  And I sure didn’t think I could go it alone.  Little by little I learned to navigate in this new world, seemingly alone (even though I did have family and friends around me) it was like I was in a fog that separated me from them and followed only me.  Eventually, it did start to get a little easier with each passing day, even though I still felt like I didn’t know where I was going.  I just took one day at a time. Soon life seemed to be changing so fast it felt impossible to keep up.  Sometimes it felt like a fast moving train that all I could manage was to hang on, with my body flying in the breeze like a tattered flag.  Time was going so fast.  What was going on?  What did it mean?  What should I do?  I felt so lost.

When I was young, my Mom told me, “When you get lost, just stop, stay in one place and I will find you.”   That didn’t work for me in this case and something tells me it won’t work for you either.  I finally decided to choose a direction and go for it.    I would start my own business…something I had a passion for.   That was my Soulstice.   I have tried different paths, and have done a lot of searching and researching.

I started a wellness spa, which led me to meet many people, some having similar experiences….  searching for their own directions.  The feeling of time speeding up..seemed to be pretty unanimous.  The best part of that experience, I have to say, was the people I got to meet.  Many, just starting their journey and many that have changed my life by introducing me to new ideas, information, techniques, books, videos etc.   I have discovered things beyond what I could have imagined.   My road since then has taken a turn into a more  Alternative, Holistic and Metaphysical direction.  Some have called me a Healer, some say an Intuitive, some say a Lightworker.  I had to look that last one up and part of the definition read, “Any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and other selves.”   That I could agree with!   With that being said, let me also say, I am not sure I feel like any of those…I just feel like ME.   (sometimes a very confused me) But I think a large part of who we are is because of each experience we have had and because of every encounter we have ever had with another person, no matter how significant or small it may have seemed at the time.   So, in that respect Me, is We.

Also, Me is We, because of the people who have been by my side on this part of my journey.   Some with  a suggestion or with words of encouragement, given maybe unknowingly.  Others continue even now, to help me create my vision in this website.   A few people who have read and re-read and helped me polish the edges, while allowing me to keep my heart and soul safely flourishing inside the walls of Sacred Soulstice.   I thank them all for their loving contributions to what I consider to be a great treasure.  I feel there is a piece of each of them here and it would not be the same without them. 

Now as you browse through what I have gathered and continue to discover on my journey, my hope is that some of it may lighten your load and speed you on your way.   May you find your Soulstice and continue your journey to better health and an ongoing higher consciousness.    Namaste!