About Rob M Williams M.A.

Rob M williams 2Rob Williams M.A. has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the University of California, at Los Angeles, and a Masters Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Colorado. He is President of The Myrddin Corporation, and Director of the PSYCH-K Centre International.
For the first 14 years of his career, Rob was a direct participant in the U.S. corporate world, holding management positions in the backpacking, energy management, and telecommunications industries. Experiencing a spiritual awakening during this time, he moved out of the business environment into a life of service as a professional psychotherapist. Out of his business experience came a “results” oriented approach to his therapeutic work. Finding the accepted counseling philosophy of the day lacking in spiritual essence, and majorly lacking in overall effectiveness, he studied many non-standard modalities for change, both ancient and contemporary. Out of his studies in 1988 came a series of intuitive insights that became the body of work called PSYCH-K.
PSYCH-K is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, where nearly all human behavior, both constructive and destructive, originates. . The practical application of this wisdom in our personal and professional lives brings a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
Rob’s “high tech/high touch” background has enabled him to provide a powerful and practical, “real world” orientation to his training programs and individual counseling services. Because of his ability to help individuals and groups manage accelerated change, Rob has become a nationally known seminar leader specializing in personal/professional development. He is a popular facilitator for in-house business programs as well as leading workshops for the general public.