About David Wilcock

David Wilcock 3David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film “Convergence” unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways. David is co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, which features documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change… and how it directly impacts our DNA. America’s most accurate and documented psychic was Edgar Cayce, who was called the “sleeping prophet”. There is amazing synchronicity between Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock. For those of you interested in doing more research on that subject there is an abundance of information. I suggest you check out his website. www.DivineCosmos.com  A Brief History of David’s Experiences: [Updated August 12, 2006] Ever since age 2, David remembers having dreams of massive, metallic cylinders floating in the sky, along with bizarre psychic synchronicities during the day. At age 5, David had a spontaneous out-of-body experience that greatly crystallized his quest for the truth of ESP, metaphysics and consciousness. At age 7, David read his first full-length adult paperback book about ESP, entitled How to Make ESP Work for You, by Harold Sherman. He conducted successful telepathic experiments with his friends, and demonstrated repeated psychic accuracy while still in second grade, culminating in a classroom demonstration of his abilities. At age 16, David committed to a weight-loss plan, and during that year lost 85 pounds and had the first of an ongoing series of lucid dreams, consciously induced through a technique he learned in Dr. Stephen La Berge’s book, Lucid Dreaming. David’s self-esteem improved tremendously along with his grades. His transformation so impressed the faculty of Scotia-Glenville HS that David was awarded the Martin J. Mahoney Memorial Award for Personal and Academic Progress. At age 19, David began a detailed journal of all his dreams on a daily basis that continues un broken to this day. (Between documenting dreams, important correspondence, and life’s daily events, David currently averages 80-100 pages of this private journal writing every 15 days. He considers meditative journaling and dreamwork to be essential to spiritual growth.) David, at 22 graduated from the State University of New York with a BA in Psychology and a Master’s equivalent in experience from internship, which completed his formal education. David’s “graduate studies” began at age 20, by fully absorbing an average of three metaphysical books per week. He integrated over 300 metaphysical titles between 1993 and 1995. David now has a massive archive compiled from his internet research. This archive has spawned all three “Convergence” books (published freely on his website www.DivineCosmos.com), Part III of “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” and the material for a trilogy of “Convergence” films. David co-authored a potential CONVERGENCE script in 2006 that did not attract enough large investors, due to feeling like a documentary in disguise, so the whole project was handed over to a professional screenwriter. Together with Larry Seyer, a nine-time Grammy winner, he created the content and musical soundtrack for a three-CD series based on the Convergence material and entitled it “The Science of Peace.” He continues to work on music and offers CDs on his website. David also continues to work on music by himself, with Larry and with other musicians, and offers CDs on his website. He also continues to perform psychic readings on world events and personal growth issues, and his work can be found throughout his website.