About Ian Xel Lungold

Ian Lungold 3About Ian Xel Lungold 1949-2005 Ian was a researcher, Speaker, Jeweler, and creator of the Mayan Calendar Conversion Codex. I did not personally know Ian, and actually did not discover his work until this year after watching one of his videos on youtube. I immediately felt there was truth in what he was teaching. I went to search for more of his work, possibly more current, only to be very saddened to find that he has passed away some years ago. It seems he was brought up in a modest, typical 50s family. After a brief stint with the Navy, I believe in the 70s he broke away and in his words, became a “quintessential starving artist”. After realizing he couldn’t starve forever, he worked on the fire crew for the forestry service and a hang-gliding school. The latter was in exchange for allowing him to use the flying equipment. After a very close call with hang-gliding off of Glacier Point in Yosemite, he quit to search for higher meaning in his life. He dove into Dianetics and tried that for a number of years. After deciding to get away from that, he found he could make an easy living doing exotic dancing. It wasn’t too long before he realized he was getting to old for that way of life. His new quest was to find a new way to make a living. While working at a foundry in Wallowa County, Oregon, the sacred homeland of the Nez Pierce Nation, he wrote a poem about the Tinker and the Nymph. At that point he had a spiritual experience and knew this to be the source of his creativity. That realization blew his consciousness right out of that little mountain town, and he set off into the world. He found his way to Scottsdale, Arizona, where, in September 1996, he bought his first book on the Maya. (“Maya Cosmos” by Linda Shiele and David Friedle) He began carving the Mayan symbols as pieces of jewelry. He started reading books on the Maya and had more spiritual experiences, and focused his carvings and his studies on the Mayan calendar. Shortly, he got a flash, an inspiration and within fifteen seconds, he had a full formula with which to convert the common Gregorian calendar that most of us are familiar with to the maya calendars. It was so simple, he created a chart system based on the formulas and sold those charts at the Prophets Conference in Phoenix in 1997. In Sedona, Arizona, in 1998 he proudly showed his work to an actual Mayan shaman, and was told “That is not the Mayan calendar”. A few months later, he was being prepared by this Mayan shaman for a mission to the Mayan lands. This included an Iawaska journey and traditional healing ceremonies. These studies took him to different locations to do different ceremonies. During one of these ceremonies, he went off into the Tikal Ruins (Belize) by himself. While lying on a thick rock slab that would have been a bed for ancient nobility or priests he had another spiritual experience. Interestingly enough at the exact same time, 30 people in the Ceremonial Plaza saw the ritual fire produce two twining serpents, that gazed intently at the crowd and change back to flames. After that he traveled and continued studies with many more Mayan shamans and made his money by promoting his new Mayan calendar charts as astrological placemats in Mexican restaurants. It got published in Magical Blend magazine, and a backer showed up with some money, so he moved to Cancun to market the calendars and the placemats to the hotel owners-who would sell them to tourists from all over the world. Well, it turned out you need be a Mexican citizen to sell anything to anyone in Cancun. He felt as though one more career bit the dust. Meanwhile, Dr. Carl J. Calleman a micro-biologist from Sweden, had been advised of Ian’s new tool to convert the actual Mayan calendar, and sent him his unpublished book, “The Theory of Everything.” Ian read it and his life path changed dramatically one more time. Dr. Calleman joined him in Cancun, and they spent two months trying to get his book published. With no success Dr. Calleman returned to Sweden, and Ian moved to Sedona to ground this information there, and to start telling the metaphysical community about what had been discovered. Starting in June 2001, Ian and his partner, Madaline Weber, traveled tens of thousands of miles talking to whoever would listen about his discovery. As the years passed and more and more people were searching out the truth for high consciousness, Ian started giving talks and seminars not only on what the Mayan Calendar means to us but also on the Evolution of Consciousness. As he became more popular there was much more publicity, interviews and acceptance. To this day recordings of his talks and seminars are becoming more and more popular on the internet. So to all the doomsday preppers and nay-sayers that might say…see Lungold and/or the Mayans were wrong…his research started many years before the hype of the world ending in Dec. 2012. And that I know of, never once did a Mayan, or any true scholar of Mayan Studies ever say that the Calendar meant the end of the world. P. S.- Here is an interesting tid bit about Ian. His great-, great-, great-grandfather was Johnnie Appleseed (John Chapman). He traveled the frontier planting seeds and going door to cabin door distributing tracts of Swedenborg’s writings. I think they might have had something in common! **************** Last Statement written by Ian Xel Lungold To all my fellow passengers on planet earth, THANK YOU…I’m laying here thinking about whether I’m going to continue my life. I feel very relaxed, calm and as though I’ve accomplished a lot for a life time. I am feeling very sleepy I don’t know if I fall asleep if I will wake up again… so I want to get this said… Actually, I don’t have a whole lot more to say other than, THANK YOU… and to let you know that if I do pass, I’ll be joining with the legions of Light ~ Workers, who are to assist everyone else through these changes from the “Otherside.” Being as I’ve not been on the “Otherside” this time around, we will have to see how this works out. I will be attempting to stay in contact with Madaline, so that she can keep you up to date. Whether this is the end of my life or not I have a request that each of you pick up what information I have brought concerning the Mayan calendar and with renewed vigor pass this information to as many people as possible. It is my personal belief that we each have a sacred duty to find what works in the world in what ever arena we are familiar and then pass that information as straight as we can for the benefit of others. This is basically what I have done with Dr. Carl J. Calleman’s work and if I’m granted the time what I will continue to do for as long as I can from here too. Ian Xel Lungold